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    Re: Why are my games so laggy and slow?

    Why does Zuma freeze up on me?
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    Angry Re: Why are my games so laggy and slow?

    I've also noticed that I'm getting a lot more times when there are no colour matches on the board or a lot of single colour balls on the roll out that force you to break a chain. It used to be rare that this happened but now it comes up several time in nearly every game. Very frustrating. The wild shots are also back, with the ball flying way off from where it was aimed. Sometime the ball even goes backwards. Not sure why this is happening again.

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    Been having the same problems with lagging and skipping and so on the past few days. Thought it was maybe a facebook problem. to many add changes that slowed computer also friends likes. I have also noticed when you get close to getting a hot frog you get no colors that you can match. My scores have been way lower than before and very frustrating to say the least. They will loose players if they don't fix.

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    Re: Why are my games so laggy and slow?

    The freezing and lagging is terrible today....I have never seen it before. It normally works fine for me

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    Re: Why are my games so laggy and slow?

    Been having this problem the last week. I am second on my leader board with 1.8 million, and now I can barely get 700k with how slow and laggy the game is. If I have to go from one side of the screen to the complete opposite the frog will get hung up and not even move and then when I click it will just shoot in some direction not even close to where my cursor is. It is not my internet and everything else on my computers (games, web pages, youtube, etc.) runs perfectly. Zuma is the only thing that runs like garbage. Pretty frustrating that it is pretty much unplayable now when I have put so much time in to playing and leveling, not to mention the enjoyment I always have gotten out of sitting down and playing against the other friends of mine on my leader board. I'll check every once in a while to see if this is fixed, but I will not being playing this game anymore.

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