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    Lightbulb Bejeweled 3 - Tips for Butterflies Mode (all versions)

    Butterflies Mode is one of my favorite modes in Bejeweled 3, and upon initial visit to this site, it struck me as odd that nobody had posted any very good tips on how to improve your scores or get a very impressive high score of over a million points. So I have decided to come up with my own tips and post a (hopefully) comprehensive guide that will help players to achieve that score they've been wanting to best. As long as this is okay, I will be linking to screenshots of the iPhone version of the game. These tips will work for every version as long as it has Butterflies Mode built in.

    Tip #1: The Basics

    At the beginning of each game, the board will be randomly shuffled and one butterfly will appear at the bottom. When you make a move, that butterfly shifts up a spot and then another butterfly is generated at the bottom of the screen. Every move you make, each butterfly will shift up the screen and, depending on how far you've progressed in the game, up to 4 butterflies will be generated from the current set of gems at the bottom of the screen. The purpose of the game is to try to save the butterflies by matching them with gems of the same color before one of them gets eaten by the spider at the top and ends your game.

    Tip #2: Special Gems and Their Uses

    Special Gems are created by matching four or more gems in a row, or making perpendicular matches of the same color. There are four types of special gems to be aware of.

    - Flame gem: Created by matching four of the same-colored gems in a line. When matched again or zapped by a hypercube, it explodes, taking out everything around it. Useful when it's below a butterfly at the top because it drops the butterflies down in a large area 2-3 spaces down. Flame gems have a fiery aura.

    - Star gem: Created when making perpendicular matches of three. When matched again or zapped by a hypercube, it eliminates its whole row and column. Useful when there are no other alternatives to saving a troubled butterfly, or when there are multiple butterflies in the top row that you cannot lower or save in one move. Star gems have an aura of white colored light that emanates outward.

    - Hypercube: Created when matching five gems in a line. If a butterly is underneath, it counts as if you swiped the hypercube and will detonate all gems of the same color. Useful when there are many gems of the same color in need of saving, or when you want to zap a certain color while making an unrelated move.

    - Supernova: Although extremely rare, this gem is created when 6 gems of the same color are matched in a line. This gem annihilates 3 rows and 3 columns when matched or zapped by a hypercube. Useful for racking up some huge butterfly combos. The Supernova gem has the aura of a flame gem and a star gem combined.

    Tip #3: Don't Panic

    When a butterfly is at the top of the screen, a common reaction may be to panic or get worried that your game will end. This can be a mistake, because often times, there is a way to bring that poor nervous butterfly down a few tiles. If you are unsure, look for a vertical match below the troubled butterfly. If you can't find one, look for a horizontal match near the bottom that aligns with it. If you still can't find any, the star gem is your friend. If not, then your game will end.

    ... Do you see the vertical match?

    Tip #4: Inevitable Matches

    inevitable match: a match that occurs as the result of a butterfly lining itself up with two or more other gems of the same color, or swapping with a hypercube.

    As you can see in this screenshot, there is a butterfly gem placed right below a hypercube. If the butterfly attempts to move up another space, this counts as an inevitable match because the game will treat it as if you swapped another gem with the hypercube. In this case, I can use it to detonate the star gem (or eliminate white or purple) or it will automatically zap all blue gems.

    Tip #5: When Best to Make Flame Gems

    A problem some people might have is determining when it is best to make a flame gem. If you have a viable horizontal match that will create a flame gem and there are two butterflies at the top to the upper right and left of the gem you are moving, this is a good time to make a flame gem as it will move the two butterflies down for one turn.

    Tip #6: When to NEVER Make Flame Gems

    Adversely, there can be situations where the above is true, but the gem that you are moving is a butterfly gem instead of a normal gem. This move is especially dangerous as the game cannot generate the special gem on the tile that was a butterfly. In this case, it will make one as close as it can to the one you matched. When a flame gem is spawned, all the gems directly above it will remain unaffected and the butterflies will move up one tile. Look at the screenshot below.

    In this case, there is one orange butterfly right in the pattern that I can use to create a flame gem. However, if I do that, the orange gem will be caught by the spider and my game will be over. Do not fear, for all hope is not lost; this is also an inevitable match which will create a flame gem nonetheless. In order to save this gem, I would simply wait another turn, let it form the flame gem and then possibly use it.

    Tip #7: There Is Only One

    A common sign of trouble arises when there are two butterflies in the second-to-top row. If both of these gems are allowed to advance to the top row at the same time, you will inevitably lose the game... unless there's a horizontal match that affects both of them. The easiest way to avoid this is to focus on one gem, move it down and let the other advance to the top, then focus on that gem. You may even be able to free one or both of them.

    Tip #8: Avoid Moving Butterflies to the Edge of the Board

    At all costs, avoid moving any butterfly to the right or left sides of the board. This is because butterflies at the top corners of the board will become exponentially harder to handle than if they were closer to the middle, as it is much harder to find any match that will save a cornered butterfly or move it down the board. At the beginning of the game, notice how butterflies never spawn in the corners until you have gotten 100+ butterflies.

    Tip #9: Star Gems are Extremely Useful...

    A star gem can extremely useful if you have one or more butterflies at the top that you cannot save. The reason for this is because all butterflies that are above the star gem will be affected and move down at least one space. All butterflies that are right below the eliminated row will be prevented from moving up, as well.

    Tip #10: ...And So Are Hypercubes

    There may be times, however, where you have a star gem that cannot be used on a troubled butterfly, but you have a hypercube on board. A simple antidote is to use the hypercube on the star gem's color, thus creating an epic cascade. BOOM!!!

    Tip #11: How to Determine the Most Ideal Match: Vertical, or Horizontal

    Generally, the match that is the most ideal will be the one that affects the butterflies that are in the most trouble (i.e. closest to the top). In some cases, a vertical match is best as it will allow the troubled butterfly to fall more than one space, but sometimes a horizontal match is more favorable as this will bring down multiple butterflies. Another way to determine which is best is to find a match that is just above the troubled butterfly, as this will prevent it from moving up one space.

    Tip #12: Special Gems that Disappear

    A good strategy is to avoid having special gems at the bottom of the board for too long. Every special gem at the bottom of the board has the same chance of becoming a butterfly as the other gems at the bottom.


    Below I have linked to a YouTube video of Rubycored getting an impressively-high score of 1.5 million points in Butterflies mode. I hope that this helps to complement the guide.

    Was this guide of any help? I would like some feedback on it.
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    Re: Bejeweled 3 - Tips for Butterflies Mode (all versions)

    I have bejeweled butterfly on my phone, but cannot seem to find it for my computer. Help!

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    Re: Bejeweled 3 - Tips for Butterflies Mode (all versions)

    Quote Originally Posted by mwbklb View Post
    I have bejeweled butterfly on my phone, but cannot seem to find it for my computer. Help!
    It is one of the four "secret modes" you see in the main menu that need to be unlocked.

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    Re: Bejeweled 3 - Tips for Butterflies Mode (all versions)

    I am playing bejeweled butterflies and the game is score is at 26,741,325 and going...the butterflies are all staying at the bottom of the game and not moving up I have been on this game for 3 days and it never ends...what is going on?

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    Re: Bejeweled 3 - Tips for Butterflies Mode (all versions)

    I'm having the same issue with Butterflies! They aren't moving up, just stay in the bottom row. I'm up to 42 million and its almost like I can't lose the game or end it without quitting. Has anyone come up with a solution for this?

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    Re: Bejeweled 3 - Tips for Butterflies Mode (all versions)

    I'm an avide Butterflies player. But the latest update on my iPhone "broke" my favourite game. Now, there is no way to lose. The butterflies are stuck at the bottom on the screen - they don't move. I have several high scores of 2.0 million to 2.5 million. But now I can't lose so I'm at 3.7 million and counting.

    How can we tell PopCap so they will fix it? I can't find a feedback link anywhere.

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    Re: Bejeweled 3 - Tips for Butterflies Mode (all versions)

    My high score is 2,147,483,647.
    At that point the score stopped calculating, although the game continues. I noticed that many people have achieved that exact score, whereas only 3 people have moved beyond it. Am wondering what the 'trigger' is to reactivate scoring and move beyond the current level. There must be one or the game would have ended. Any ideas?

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    Re: Bejeweled 3 - Tips for Butterflies Mode (all versions)

    I am also having the same problem! My score is now 965,492,225, but no challenge. Very frustrating, this was my favourite game. :-(
    Has anyone heard anything about how to fix it?!
    Thank you!

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    Thumbs up Re: Bejeweled 3 - Tips for Butterflies Mode (all versions)

    I would like to add to tip #8. I find it useful to move all butterflies closer towards the center moving them horizontally. I find it appropriate to make a move that brings a butterfly closer to the center without clearing the butterfly or another from the screen if, none of these other moves exist- #1 destroy butterflies ( preferably those on outsides ) #2 lower problem butterflies by destroying gems below #3 stop them from rising by clearing gems directly above. 4th is somewhat a tie between moving butterflies closer to the center or making a special gem, too many times have my options expired with one or more explosives on the board.

    Often early on when spawns are fewer you may not think you have a move to improve your chances, but I think that a butterfly that is closer to the center is much much easier to handle, even if it floats up a spot in the process.
    With my tip and those listed in the review you can get over 3 million scores in no time. My highest is just over 3.6 and only time before I best it.

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