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    how to pass LAST STAND with 2000 sun remaining???!!?!?!?!?!?!?

    pleas help me how can pass LAST STAND with 2000 sun remaining???!!?!?!?!?!?!?

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    Re: how to pass LAST STAND with 2000 sun remaining???!!?!?!?!?!?!?

    Hey K.B,

    Yeah, The Last Stand is hard enough WITH all the sun. The link below goes to perhaps the best strategy to completing Last Stand that I've found and I think that you may be able to adjust some things to use less Sun and gain this Achievement.

    It's gonna be hard, but please post if you are able to complete it.

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    Re: how to pass LAST STAND with 2000 sun remaining???!!?!?!?!?!?!?


    I'm using the Samsung tablet / Android platform when playing this stage and I completed all the last stand levels with 2000 sun remaining but didn't get the trophy...

    Is there a certain way to complete it, such as not re-starting levels or doing them one by one concurrently?

    It took me quite a while to complete all the last stand levels, so the next time I do it again, I want to be sure I get the trophy!!



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    Talking Re: how to pass LAST STAND with 2000 sun remaining???!!?!?!?!?!?!?

    DID IT!!!! Completed it with 2050 sun remaining!

    This game is all about timing and perfect decision making, as its stage 5 where it gets hard...1 to 4 is easy with the following setup....

    First, you need to select the following plants : repeater pea, gattling pea, torchwood, tall-nut, lily, garlic, squash, magnet shroom and coffee bean...

    I can't add an attachment to show the final setup, so here is a graph to show what goes where...

    X X X X X M M G G
    Z F T X X X X X X
    P P P G G P G P P
    Z F T P P P P P P
    Z F T X X X X X X
    X X X X X M M G G

    Legend : X = empty space on land
    P = empty space in pool
    Z= gattling pea position
    F = Torchwood position
    T = Tallnut position
    G = Garlic position
    M = Magnet-shoom position

    So, the idea is that 3 of the 6 lanes divert the zombies into the line of fire of the gattling-pea on fire by the torchwoods.

    Levels 1 to 4, so long as the garlic is replaced as soon as it disappears, all zombies will fall, as the magnets take all metal of the zombies early on, long before they reach the tallnut.

    The double garlic is where it is to move zombies as early as possible into the firing line and ensure that the pole vaulting zombies and Dolphin rider zombies who jump and vault over the first garlic, are forced to move when the meet the second garlic, hence why it is VITAL to keep the garlics' replenished but only when they are completely consumed by the zombies.

    The exception to this, it just before level 5, you should have 3 of the garlics' well eaten, so I recommend you change the two on dry land and keep the one in the pool until its consumed before changing, since the pole vaulter zombies are many on the last level and if a garlic is missing, they will eat the magnet-shrooms quickly, and there goes the defence...

    Towards the end of level 5, you should have 2100 sun left, enough to use up to 2 squashes to squash some of the thick line of zombies that have collected in the firing lines. Go for the football zombies in the middle and that will break up the line giving enough time for the magnet-shrooms to re-charge and the gattling peas to make light work of the break point in the lines...

    Good luck, and if you get stuck, let me know!!


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