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    Where is my Daily Spin?

    Now called the Zuma Spin on Kroakatoa Island! No worries, folks, this feature will unlock at Level 9!

    You will still be able to take your free daily spin as usual once you reach level 9. You will find the icon right next to the 'Shop' in the upper right of your game board. This is a great way to earn a daily helping of Coins, especially if you come back every day to take advantage of the Consecutive Day bonus!

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    YIKES!!! Since I've been past level 9 I didn't realize that there's something else they've taken away. So you don't get a free spin til level 9, you only get 5 lives to start with, no recap which we've all been begging for, instead of getting bonuses or large mojo for great games, we get minimal xp which can take forever to get one stupid star, and then you need to get ten freaking stars in order to advance. Of all the people playing on my board before, we now have four left. Guess that's a good critique of how much more appealing this new game is. Stop trying to convince us of the greatness of this game and give us back some exciting features.Fikve to thirty extra experience points just doesn't cut it.

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    Re: Where is my Daily Spin?

    Daily spin has not been working properly for about 10 days now - stuck on 2500 no accumulative daily bonus that has vanished along with the error have tried clearing cache and browser cookies - still no joy am way past level 9 (55!) am getting tired of all the snags etc..... can only get coins at the moment on levelling up... come on zuma guys sort it out as will find other more reliable games to play

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