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    Notifications / # of messages

    I don't know if PopCap can do anything about it, but you know the app list on the top right of the screen when playing any games on facebook, it shows your other games and the number of requests/gifts you have for that game?

    They're usually dead-on accurate, but I've noticed the last week or two with Zuma Blitz, the number of notifications is WAY OFF the mark!

    It will show 14 on the Zuma Blitz icon, but I load the game and there are only 2 messages, or worse NONE.

    Any way you guys can fix this, it's frustrating to go out of Plants vs Zombies, thinking I have a bunch of gifts to collect, only to discover there aren't any or not enough to be worth having to re-load PvZ, since the load-time for that game is HUGE.

    Thank you!

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    Re: Notifications / # of messages

    I have found that when those notices pop up the only way for them to vanish is I have to click on them for them to vanish, it happens on another FB game I play, it says I have requests from a player and click on the game itself and nothing, but then when I click on the notice then it loads the request. I don't know if you click on the game to load it or if you click on the notices to load the game.

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