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    Question stag

    What is the significance of the stag?

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    Re: stag

    Hi Woogy,

    I'm not sure I know what you're referring to...could you be more specific?

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    Re: stag

    I think he means the animal in the background of the bejeweled blitz game.
    As your score goes higher it changes. At some level it appears as a stag. Higher than that it looks like a cross between a seahorse and a stag or something like that.

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    Re: stag

    The "stag" in the background that appears has no other significance other than one of our artists created a rather cool Autumnal scene to use for the game that has a sort of mystical quality to it. Everytime you hit a multipier, a new part of the scene is added. Kind of cool, huh?

    Maybe we should name the "stag" to make him more interesting?

    I would name him Horacio. That seems appropriate. What would you name it, Woogy or Will?

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